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  • Hey Drew,

    My name's Andy and I've been playing ball in south OC for years now, but with a move last year to Oceanside, I quickly tire of that drive up to Ladera Ranch each week. I was wondering two things, one, do you know of any good leagues down here? I've tried to go the free agent route in Poway but the guy there never seems to get back to me. Second, you know of anyone who has BP here on the weekends? I used to do that up in Costa Mesa, but that is even more way too far away ;)

    If it helps, I'm a 6'6" right handed first baseman, I dabble at third, but it's not really my strong suit but I really don't care I'll catch if need be. I play on Tuesdays with my E/D tourney team in Ladera, but I am looking to play a league night closer to home.
    We want a rematch and we will get it Nlsenders. You just need to lets us know what tourney you are at in Hb and we will be there!
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