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  • That video you asked about was deleted.......Some 'tard hacked my youtube and deleted a bunchfo ****. That's what get for making my username and password the same...Never thought it needed to be supersecret and double incripted..It's just youtube. :)
    i wish i had the show 11. feel free to add me. Wang_B_Wigglin. im just starting to play MW2
    I dont know I havent talked to the guy that wanted to start it. I think he wanted to do a co-ed team I'm lookinjg to get on a mens team that isnt in poway
    yeah. But taken it super slow, getting a runner when I get on base. If I play D it's only C or 3rd. my range at 3rd is pretty sad right now.
    haha yeah. I think I've gone from 500 to 1000 in 7 weeks. you still play on thrusday in santee? I know someone that is putting a team together for thrusday starting June something so I may see you out there.
    It's good. Tomorrow I see the Doctor, I hope this cast comes off and if I can walk I need to hit some BP 7 weeks of no ball is driving me crazy.
    I play in a summer (mid May through late August/early Sept) three pitch church league that plays on Saturdays at Kearny Mesa Rec.
    Just curious, has anybody ever said anything to you for the fact that you have "shaved and rolled" in your sig? I, personally, respect the honesty, and almost every team where I play has at least 2 or it becomes the only way to compete...again, you have the first sig I have ever noticed that has had that posted, and I'm not hating on you at all...actually, I give you props...and one last thing, how the hell are u a giants fan from San Diego?!
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