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  • Haha... yup, we are way too excited. I have 2 brothers and together we all have a combined 9 daughters... he will be the first Spencer boy!!
    I am doing great!! We are gearing up for the Christmas season... and we are having a boy in January!! We are excited! 3 girls and a boy soon!
    I actually spend more time spoiling the little one rather than being spoiled. We are doing great! Super Busy with softball season. Daughter is playing fastpitch this year.
    No prob Mel!! Hope you were spoiled! How are you and Juggs doing?? I hope the family is well. It is softball time!!
    Hey Mel - I was thinking about ya yesterday wondering how you and the little one is doing(No I don't mean Juggy)...It is freezing and has been the past few single digits for highs! How are you feeling and when are you do? Is everything progressing as expected without any hiccups? I saw Train's pics..cute little boy! we definitely want to get something for you guys as well. Let me know when you are due so I can get something rolling for you guys! Drop me a line soon. Talk to you soon and tell the big guy I said hello! Chris
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