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    Crack or No Crack?

    That Dudley lighting is worth a bajillion doll hairs if it is the OG in good condition.
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    macgregor softballs...

    Thought you retired and only play golf?
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    LTB Adidas Melee Senior Balanced - 26 oz

    A year ago I would have had no clue what your bats are. Now I’m over here drooling at the lightnings. 😀
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    Rawlings Customs made in Philippines?

    The quality of the Philippines customs blows away the SLCS custom shop. With that said, I would take the bubbles and mistakes to have a domestically produced glove.
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    LTB Rawlings DCT

    The DCTTI is a looker but heavy AF. I would recommend waiting for the Horween release @milocoman is cooking up now.
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    New release Louisville Slugger softball bats

    Just speculation on my part but Legault just resigned so that might be a factor with the delay. He confirmed that the 2022/2023 bats were done so I assume they will have his replacement take the lead with the rollout.
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    LTB or LTT for Sr. Dudley Lift balanced 25oz

    Those OGs though… :)
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    LTB Wilson 1781 or SP125

    Going to let Big Dog take first pick then I got you.
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    LTB Wilson 1781 or SP125

    PM sent.
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    What is David Watsons home address? I would post it up along with contacting the local authorities. Anyone try calling him yet or is it a burner?
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    LTB Wilson 1781 or SP125

    I have two PI 1781s, a black SP125, Saddle Tan SP125 and TF21 Saddle Tan. All NWT
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    one piece vs two piece bat?

    My pros/cons are going to be different than yours. It’s a personal preference, swing both and make up your mind what is best for you.