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  • You too Bro! Good luck in A, I'm moving down to B so I don't get killed! lol Hope to be on the field more too, I had a nerve issue in my arm and only played the first 4 weeks last year.
    Hey Stacy! We're playing tonight, hoping it rains since we will only have 8 guys there. Some things never change! lol You guys still in A on Tuesdays?
    Hey bro, Congrats on a good tourney this weekend! Was hoping you could knock out Kelly's, got some good friends (Rich, Jimmy, lance, Sebbo...) on there but sometimes they are a little too ****y!!! lol Either way the two best teams were in the championship :)
    Hey bro, that sucks your phone doesn't work down there. Heard they don't roam. I'll check at work to see if anyone needs one and let ya know.
    We're in D3. Lost our 1 (Military Worlds in Florida)and 3 (short notice deployment) hitters so we're down to 9 including our 2 pick-ups! What are you guys doing?
    Stacy, Think we're playing the all-nighter in the same division as you guys next weekend. I'll bring the Red Bull! See ya Friday!
    Thats why it's fun playing against you guys, the games are always high scoring affairs!! We're going to be playing Rec II...hopefully we don't get rained out like our other 2 tournaments. Maybe see ya tonight if this rain ever ends! Damn bro, we ever gonna see beer drinking weather again!! LOL
    Yeah, I'm Steve. How's your team looking this year? You guys going to be at McQuades again? I'm helping with a women's team on Tuesdays so I'm sure I'll see ya out at the fields...first beer is on me!
    No, I pitched for the Blaze, we combined with Teddys, I didnt make the cut... Now I'm playing with this new team. Are you Stacy?
    Rapid City. Played with the Blaze last year. Playing B this with new team (Roof Tech) mostly guys from Ellsworth. You play with Dakota Bus bro?
    If u r seriously interested in buying I can send u pics..give me your email address..go STEELERS !! Been my fav team for 35 years..tough SB loss
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