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  • I left off when I entered Mexico. I've been battling on free roam more than anything lately.
    Yeah. My son got me a little hooked. I get on here and there, but it'd be cool to cause havoc with on/with some board bros. :)
    I have a Price check for a bat under the demarini thread. Crusty said to ask you what you thought it was worth. Said you knew a lot about the value of doublewall bats. I have a Pre-Wilson limited edition demarini doublewall distance light #65/219. i have all the info I know about it and pictures on my posting. Could you check it out for me?
    As long as you are a gun rights supporter, you are GTG in my book. If I could bring some of my stuff out there, we would have to go shooting. (I'd have to leave my Hi-Cap mags at home though):(
    Not so much the "Race Card," but he's always bringing up race. I'm so sick of the term "Racism" or "Racist," because it seems like anything you say now days gets the response, "You RACIST!":rolleyes: You guys may have more of a problem with it out there, but here, we don't have many problems with it at all. Maybe small stuff like, so-and-so was fired because he was black, so there is a lawsuit. That's pretty much the worst we see.

    Our sides will never agree on anything, but it's fun going back and forth.:D
    And be sure to tell Sheldon that the race card is played out, and that he loses credibility on that issue when he refers to women in his profile pic as "bitches." :D
    Beck was good on CNN. He used to be good on radio too, but I have pretty much stopped watching and listening to him since he switched to Fox. He's just not as entertaining anymore. But all you have to do is say the words "Glenn Beck" and you can get people upset. And you just proved that.:D

    But it seems like the Cali libs get the butthurt pretty quick. I could probably start a political war over there if I wanted to. I toned it WAY down on FB. Didn't want to take it too far. lol
    DUDE!:D After what I saw your buddies say about the Nazi dude, I am SO going to have to buy a Glenn Beck t-shirt to take in April. Now I have to make this trip.:D:cool:
    frisco do you have anymore 28oz matrix left.i was gonna stop by the shop haven't been in there for awhile...
    I just called,

    to say,


    I just called,

    to say how much I caaa-aa

    Hey man, reading your posts the past 4 or so months, I bot a RTCK and I hit a bomb in my modified league that was probably 300 ft. It was a frozen rope over the LF's head. The distance did not beat my old demarini DW. I am impressed with the bat. Anyways wanted to thank ya.
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