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  • "Pst brotherhood bump for ya. Those yellow Pst's hit great, but my league wont allow fp bats."
    you posted this on a thread i read recently. i was just wondering why your league doesnt allow fastpitch bats.
    i am always in the market for fastpitch bats because of the lighter weight, but i have yet to used one in the 2-ASA leagues i play in.
    I am far from a little girl hiding behind a keyboard. What do you think a forum is...? A place to rip people off ? I think it is a place to give and get good deals. A place to look out for each other. In my opinion, you were insulting the seller with that ridiculous offer. I am allowed to have an opinion.
    I have a great idea for you. Mind your own business! This board doesn't need some little girl hiding behind her keyboard getting into other people's business. When you have something to sell THEN you worry about it otherwise it's NONE NONE NONE of you business! It's real easy too missy to call someone names when you hide behind your keyboard.
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