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  • What up homey? How's the weather treating you? Beautiful today, but windy as **** this week.
    It was only a one day. Weather was terrible. Stayed cold and windy most of the day. I have a 26 and 28oz white steel and the coach has a 30oz Connection.
    Oh yeah. I 'm interested.Might have to borrow someones bat to swing though. Don't know if I have one that is legal for Aurora! What night? Good luck tomorrow. I jumped on the other board and saw a bunch of teams signed up for the tourney tomorrow. Looks like a long day. Or are they 2 day tourneys?
    I do my part to help run the show. Yeah it looks like it might turn come this weekend. Wish I could get out during the week while it's nice but I might end up playing some golf instead. Are you still interested in playing league? It'll $40 a head. League starts February 22nd. Let me know.
    Sure. I would love to get out for some BP. I thought you were the coach, my bad.. I hope the weather holds?!?
    Yeah it was a great game last night. I too was going for the Cards. Yeah we are playing this weekend but it is in Brighton. However my work team will be having a practice on Sunday if you're interested. I can get you our coaches number. Let me know what you think. Take it easy.
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