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  • St1 Pitching Helmets for sale! PM Me for details! or visit my facebook page, Klu's Kustom Helmets
    gotta few Second2None stock gloves to sell, 13.5" RHT $200 shipped. Message me for pics
    Hey bro, hows it going? if you need anything from Spiderzsports.com use discount code Extreme12 at checkout!!! Any questions let me know and please pass it along to anyone you know!!!
    Thanks again for coming to play w/us...do you still have a 28oz mutant you want to sell?
    still needs some more swings, but it's a lot softer feel than i thought it would be... best feeling one piece i've ever swung... starting to get some distance as well... not out hitting any of my other asas yet... but i'm still optimistic about it...
    sent you a pm with address and directions. LMK if it doesnt make sense. I just copied it from yahoo maps and made a few modifications
    did you text me pics earlier tonight? 0113. Cause the price you have here is closer to what I was thinking.
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