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  • Using your glove properly:

    Softball is not only about playing the game, but making the right choices. Remember to play safely, use a glove. It is imperitive to consider many factors when choosing a glove; using the right size glove for you, putting the glove on correctly, and storing a glove when not in use, so it is ready for play when needed.

    Some gloves can be very soft, like the skin of a goat. You should always lubricate your glove properly. Both oil and water based lubricants can be used with them(I take the less is more approach). The width of a glove can vary. Some gloves have a slightly smaller width to give a 'closer' fit, whereas others will be slightly larger. Make sure not to choose a glove that is too big for you, you'd hate for it to fall of in the middle of your game. Always put your glove on correctly. Some prefer the two-in-the-pink method as well, give it a try.
    Always remember to store your gloves in a cool, dry place. Gloves can deteriorate if not stored properly as they are affected by both heat and light. Gloves are available in various shapes, colors, textures, flavors and sizes. You may want to keep an extra glove in your buddies car, in case you find yourself confronted with a game and you are ill-prepared.
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