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    LTB Vinci br45

    Vinci hasn’t made the BR45 for a long, long time! It’s a discontinued model. Good luck in trying to find one. The current model in their lineup would be the BR4600-22.
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    "It's just a glove. No one cares."

    It’s just softball in general & it’s always been that way IMHO. Offense over defense….. That attitude just naturally extends to the equipment. I’ve played on a lot of good teams over the years and the better the team, the more prevalent the attitude. It usually works until you have an off...
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    Stepping off third

    In all honesty, you’re creating a potential problem by giving the runner permission to perform that action. You’re also giving yourself something else to have to look for! For the sake of the question asked, I will assume that it’s a standard thing that this league allows for safety reasons...
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    Debber Compression

    The only similar ball that I currently know of is the Dudley ZN Kapok 12” (4KP12W). One of the organizations I umpire for tried to use them this year but there was a problem with the balls being off-centered making for a perpetual knuckleball!!! 😵‍💫 If Dudley fixes the issue, they’d make for a...
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    Umpire Equipment

    I recommend two websites if you're looking for umpire equipment (& more....). 1. Epic Sports They supply a lot of schools & associations with everything from uniforms to field equipment, so their pricing tends to be on the reasonable side. Stick to a brands like Adams, Champro, Diamond...
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    Odd play for me

    R2 could be out for a couple of reasons: They could've been called out for leaving the base path to avoid the tag. They also could've been called out for not retouching 3B on their way back to 2B. If R2 truly passed 3B, they're considered to have possessed the base whether they actually...
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    Vinci Web site or reps?

    your best bet is to call Vinci directly!
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    Passive aggressive okay?

    I agree with everything you've said! There have been instances in the past where I basically told a manager/coach: "I'm here to manage the game. You're here to manager your players. If you can't do that, I don't need you here so when your player goes, you go." Over the years I've developed...
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    is Vinci quality still the same?

    I haven't bought or seen a new Vinci in a few years but I highly doubt that their quality has deteriorated. What I suspect is going on here is more color related if anything. The dyeing & bleaching process to get white leather automatically leads to the leather being softer. The kip leather...
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    Stamping vs Indent

    If indenting caused a problem with break in, I'd point more to the quality of the leather rather than the indent! Stamp or indent really doesn't matter other than personal preference if you're planning on actually using the glove because either will show wear & tear over time. It's inevitable.
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    ASA caught fly/foul ball then carried into dead ball territory

    1) The ruling is Dead Ball for carrying the ball out of play. The award is 1 base for any runners. 2) Runners must legally complete any awarded bases so YES, if they left their base before first touch, they must retouch before completing the award. If they do not, they're subject to being put...
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    What would be your perfect grail glove?

    You mean something like this? :D:D:D Custom-made, leather like butter, with an "old school" feel....... This is my, "If I had to have one glove for every position on the field for slowpitch", glove. If I had to have one glove for baseball/softball, no matter what the variation (FP/ Modified...
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    ASA what's the call

    Okay......... I would make the argument that this is only applicable when the ball is live. I would refer you to Rule 8.7.D. This specifically speaks to the effects of what happens when a runner passes another runner & one of those effects is that the ball remains live. The moment a ground...
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    glove weight?

    I had a spreadsheet with data on over 50 gloves of varying quality & sizes. Unfortunately the hard drive died on me & I lost all of that data. Of what I remember, the median weight for all of the gloves was about 1.85oz/inch of glove. The top stuff like Code 55 horween came in a ~2.1oz/inch...
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    Mizuno Pro Limited GZP51C

    The Pro Limited Series used to be Mizuno's top of the line. It was their equivalent to Rawlings' Pro Preferred. Personally though, I thought that their lower Classic Pro Series were the better gloves just as the HOH Series was for Rawlings.