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  • I need a Sports55 Bomber bat bag. What would the total including shipping to 30062 (Marietta, Ga)? Also, how do you prefer payment?
    I checked and see Black, purple and green are all that you have in stock. My first choice would be black then. Will black/Royal be in stock any time soon?
    Thanks, BruceinGa
    OK, lets exchange addresses and do the deal. Mine is

    Richard Zucker
    1140 E Ocean Blvd #113
    Long Beach, Ca 90802
    hey i'm buying a bat from TC8, it showed you posted something on his profile. should i buy anything from him?
    Hey, I don't mind things taking awhile, but no communication is kind of bothersome. Thanks for the great pricing. You did get my Money? Any idea when I can expect shipment? Thanks
    whats up meat i am looking 2 buy a bomber bag and people tell me u r the guy 2 c can u hook it up ? what is the price?
    hey man just checkin on if you have the low turfs in black size 11 if so id like to order them i need to know how to order i dont have pp lmk thanks. sorry not tryin to be soundin like im naggin but also wanna order another pair for my g/f for her b-day so do u have a 9 low in womens also?
    Rec'd the turfs yesterday. Thanks...but I guess you guys shipped b4 I was able to change from HI to LOW. Also, they're a tad big. Can I send them back for a LOW in Size 10? Lemme know what I need to do. No problem paying the shipping.

    Hey bud i play for diamond foolz out of cincy im just checkin on if the columbia blue bomber bags were in stock cause we put a order in on one about 2 weeks ago and also the availability of a black one but believe me im not one of those jackasses that want to complain im just checkin thx bud have a good day
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