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    Goff Thread

    I use PW-4 and have a 2-iron as well. 3 hybrid, 3 wood, Driver, Putter, 54 and 60
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    What size are you using for IF?

    12.25 KB17. Perfect size for me. I can't say I've yet had a play where I've needed anything bigger.
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    Glove sizes for baseball & softball

    I use a KB17 which is 12.25" when I play IF/Pitch. I can't think of a time where it hasn't been enough glove for me. I play 1st with a 13" mitt though, couldn't use something smaller for that.
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    Floof swing

    Exactly. We do soft swings to place the ball in 16" every game. It's called strategy and everyone who is mad about it is just mad that they can't do it.
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    Floof swing

    It takes actual skill to place the ball where you want.
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    Floof swing

    I still don't get why anyone cares. It's not cheating. If he swings like that, shift for it.
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    For Sale Easton 12" Premier Pro Kip PPK10BT - Like New

    Not in the market for this glove but if you're out there and considering this glove, they are very underrated IMO. GLWS!
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    What Bat / Bats did you use for Spring-Summer league and will you use them for the Fall?

    I've been swinging my 2017 baker all summer, and I'll continue to play it. If it breaks, I'll but a WFF to hold me over until the new stamp comes
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    For Sale Rawlings HOH PRO205-6GWBT

    Bump. price adjusted and added some trade stuff too
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    ball go "phhhhhewwwww!!" 19 nautalai el

    I'll hopefully get the chance to swing it next weekend since he's filing in for us for playoffs. If you haven't decided then I'll report back lol
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    ball go "phhhhhewwwww!!" 19 nautalai el

    Guy on one of the local teams has one that he uses until the team runs out of HR. Thing is HOT but he said he's got at least 250 swings on it
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    Opinions on this play from COED this week?

    If you don't want to get forcefully tagged don't play the game. I was taught to tag with authority so no one can questions whether you tagged them or not. I'm not letting you just run into my glove, I'm tagging you. The runner should've never even considered going and then should've just given...
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    Available for fall in and around the Joliet, IL area

    Will travel within an hour or so of my location. Infielder w/ experience at all 4 positions. Decent bat. Mostly played USSSA so only have USSSA bats.
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    Buying a new Utrip bat tomorrow. Need advice

    kp23 would be my vote
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    For Sale Sis 100h

    Any trades? I have an 11.75 HOH if you're interested