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    That's a Bold Strategy Cotton........

    I know we can’t post but I am relatively aware from the book of faces all the companies and exclusives. I have no idea what bat shaving company has an exclusive also. Maybe I am naive to who is known as a bat shaving service though.
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    21 usa/asa db44

    Absolute fire stick.
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    Demarini The One (MLC)

    It doesn’t matter if he is new, Facebook or eBay, this is at best a $75 bat shipped. Even in its prime this was never a $200 bat once it was hit a couple times. Maybe a NIW with receipt would fetch $220 in 2012.
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    For Sale 27oz Nihilist

    I will purchase it for asking. Send me a message with all the details to send you the dinero.
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    For Sale 27oz Nihilist

    Any interest is a 27oz mach1 asa xl. I have bar code still on the bat and receipt. 200 swings I will throw some cash your way too. Message me if your interested.
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    Original mercy ?

    are you going to flip it? That would require you to low ball him so you can come out ahead on a deal.
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    Ball Exit speed

    I don’t think most people know what their exit speed is.
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    Looking for a 2017 Freak PT ASA

    these are tough to find bc they were great bats but all the follow ups were just as good and weighted the same, why not just get a a 26oz of 17-2020 model? Same bat, different paint
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    For Sale 52/300 Dudley Thunder ZNs

    I can’t get my conversations to load. I got the 3 dozen. Thanks
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    GTG Ohfreak is vgtg
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    Using a pitching Mask

    it was more of lack of experience and being ready to field the position.
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    Using a pitching Mask

    Yes, Mr Golden.
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    Using a pitching Mask

    Tournament this weekend.....witnessed a fellow pitcher take one off his right cheek bone. I shouldn’t say a pitcher as he normally plays 3rd but they were getting blown out and he pitches in league from time to time and asked to pitch. They even asked if he wanted a mask and he said no. Split...
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    Using a pitching Mask

    well if the dudes in the highest level in the sport are using them, I venture us common folk should probably consider strongly using them. No one says you have to use one but i myself pitch in tournaments and use one. Can I Field the position sure? Do I feel safer, yes. The lacrosse helmets...
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    Opinions on this play from COED this week?

    Lightning was more dramatic.