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  • How much you gotta get for that F98? got some trade bait if interested? Wrath Ext 120 27 NIW, 28 used, low serial # flat sticker F+, LMK before you pack up!!!
    dam bro that is some luky stuff comin along those stix like that! well i cant say i blame u for wanting that ssr2, pretty nice! y dont u try for 1 of his synergy extendeds, their way hot stix!! we leave in june, off to kirtland & utrip. lookin forward too it! thats badazz bro, the shirt school. u'll be a badazz shirt. when is deployment, b4 i leave?? ;)
    Never knew bout this site until a week or 2 ago. Lovin it so far, picked up 2 RD 28's over the last week. I did pick up an OG Freak and a Freak +. Chad says he is buying the Freak +, but havent seen cash yet. Trying to work out a trade with Bill for the OG and his SSR2, but would love to get my hands on a Flyswatter for it as well. How much longer you guys have on the island? I just extended for 2 years, had too. Chief Warner is sending me to shirt school in Oct, right after i get back from deployment. So there will be a new diamond running around the base....look out now! :)
    yeah this weekend was going to be my last tourney on island. but the moved it to next weekend cause of the projected weather. im gone to the philippines for the next month and half then come back and pcs to Miami. LMK if you have any contact down there.
    yeah i was playing right/right center. you guys are hurting for players? I know the masterbatters pretty much a whole new team now.
    yeah im with masterbatters. Ive been with them from the beginning. Ive always played OF. im the other smitty. first name david. I played this past weekend with smoke and chad.
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