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  • Sparty looking to get a couple pair of new pants and a new my fades and think I need them in green and a pair in navy. Does the roller come in green and black?my num is 6168356667 shoot me a call so we can discuss this thanx.
    No me and the Coach had a falling out of sorts. He brings 14 guys up there the 1st week of May. Some guys who couldn't spell softball much less play the damn game. Well a couple of the guys are his family. Well he sits me the whole 2nd game while he bats and plays 13 other guys. I ask What's the differance between batting 13 guys instead of 14? He says we're all a team and that's what matters. I was like dude I started this Team and now your all about running it. Anyway I'm getting soe guys on my own or looking to play with someone else up there. Hey you need a Guy? lol!
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