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    SBFNJ Chapter 24

    Looking for a new weekday team this fall in the Bridgewater area. Anyone need an infielder? Prefer 3rd, but can play anywhere.
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    Looking for New Weekday Team in CNJ/Somerset County Area for Fall 2019

    Looking for a weekday (pref Tues/Wed) team in the greater Bridgewater, NJ area. Prefer 3B, but can play anywhere in the infield.
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    SBFNJ Chapter 24

    Anyone looking for a couple guys for a weekday league in the Bridgewater/Somerville, NJ area? May be available depending on whether or not a current contact comes through or not. LMK thx
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    The Provrbial "what would you do" question

    Agreed... ^^^but always good to have a contingency plan.
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    Famous pros that hit for average?

    You mean anytime I don't strike out it doesn't automatically count as a hit regardless of the result? FC is a no-brainer, but I disagree w/Sacs. It already counts against your OBP, no need for it to count against AVG as well... IMO, if you go 3/4 w/a sac fly you hit .745 on the day with a...
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    2012 ASA 454 Titan Reviews (SB454A)

    In for more SB454A reviews...
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    Hit My OG May98 This Weekend....

    Wish my 27oz was a little lighter.
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    Question - Anyone swing SSR2 and SRV4?

    I have swung an SRV4 and LOVED it. When I mention this to people, everyone seems to say that I should consider an SSR2. I typically prefer balanced, but I like the feel of the SRV4. Not sure how I feel about 1- vs. 2-piece.
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    Price Check OG AV 27oz. BA

    Might be interested in brokering a trade involving an SRV4
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    Price Check OG AV 27oz. BA

    Sorry, folks. Been busy all day, will post pics during the day Sunday.
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    For Trade 27 oz srv4 wr niw

    OG Anti Virus 27oz BA? PM if interested.
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    ASA Z1000 vs One .12

    I just find it funny. Anytime I talk to someone who has the bat or has swung it I ask them what it is about that bat that's so good. First thing out of most of their mouths is "the sound." It doesn't help that everyone on the other teams are always claiming their swinging glass because of the...
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    stupid noob question

    Wouldn't hitting a ball square cause it to knuckle, thus making it less aerodynamic? If so, then cutting the ball and creating backspin would in fact affect the speed on his line drives.
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    ASA Z1000 vs One .12

    They all sound like that. To be honest, I think that sound has a bit of a placebo effect on people. I think that bat is decent, but nowhere near what some people seem to think (some claim it's the second coming). It's a decent bat, but I think you'll see it fall out of favor once people start...
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    Have to brag on my team

    Hopefully next year you can take the next step and win those close games...or at least get a full squad for every game.