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    Just walk off the field

    this second time I have walked away from the game co-ed softball (4-5 years ago) adult league, and the 12u rec game. didn't like my infield call "I'm sorry you're having a bad night" that has nothing to do with the game and I was having a good night, I'm just done with this disrespectful...
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    ASA anyone has done the USA softball 2022 test? or not available yet for you?

    test is now online now i just need code so i can do my test i don't get why this so hard for staff to give me code for the test so i can get done
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    ASA anyone has done the USA softball 2022 test? or not available yet for you?

    i want the online version not downloaded version
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    ASA anyone has done the USA softball 2022 test? or not available yet for you?

    seem to be slower than normal to me this year the safesports maunal synch was a pain
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    debate this obscuration or no call?

    that is where i ended up in that sense since we cannot confirm where runner is part of the problem i mean personally wasn't my video i just got off TikTok i don't know if it good play or not as we ignoring what we can't see at this age a lot of them get confuses what to do when this happens
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    ASA Time Limit - End of Game

    mostt games will tell you call if there not enough time for another innining
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    in this case since he or she miss the bag you act as they got the bag intill in appeal happens or they are touch the base after. go ask the umpires you work for advice on it as well. they won't steer you wrong.
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    ASA Locating Pitches

    This... they even still try to ask :D
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    Whats going on with usa softball test? (2021)

    I don't have any in my register USA softball site... not available
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    Question recovery/surgery

    thank you both, im more just nervous of surgery and just waiting for holidays to be over before getting it going. I like to get done sometime in winter. cause ill drive myself missing it too much. I guess this was loose couple years ago but i was ok
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    Question recovery/surgery

    Yes i know not really a question persay about rules but. I got to get a knee surgery to remove knee cartilage. the guy i saw told me that if i would counite to umpire. my knee would "lock up and need to get surgery sooner" the question is if you guys been through any of this? and how long did...
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    Foul or Fair?

    Docent seem like that but as many pointed out doesn't matter where player is it matters where the ball is umpire is clearly wrong I enjoy some of that and i have had some fun poking at myself i Sadly most aren't train and many lack clinics to do
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    ASA delayed out call?

    should be no other outs but the one