Question recovery/surgery

Yes i know not really a question persay about rules but. I got to get a knee surgery to remove knee cartilage. the guy i saw told me that if i would counite to umpire. my knee would "lock up and need to get surgery sooner"

the question is if you guys been through any of this? and how long did take you to get back to umpiring. he saying i can drive after three days and be able to go work after a week from surgery. (my job is bus aide)

Please if you do move this something else sorry in advance. Im just scared to get this surgery and not be able to umpire


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Arthroscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery has been done laparoscopically for a couple years now, and the recovery time is excellent.

Due to advances in science, the anesthesia is reduced and procedures generally last twenty minutes thus reducing the recovery time.

So don’t worry about getting back out there. Just take the physical therapy seriously and avoid the crazy opioid drugs.

Good luck!


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I had arthroscopic surgery to clean up a torn meniscus in Oct '99 at age 44. Probably the same or similar surgery. I was on crutches for a week to 10 days. Back to work on light duty at a very physical job in 2 weeks. I had considerable pain for a month, and then one day it was suddenly gone and never came back. I was back playing SS the next spring. I probably would have played after 6 weeks, but maybe not SS.
A teammate had meniscus surgery in '19, January or Feb I think, and he was playing in April.

Get the surgery done, and don't wait until your knee starts locking up. The torn piece of my meniscus would sometimes get in the joint and my knee would lock without warning, usually just for a step or 2. A few days before my surgery my boss and I walked 1/4 mile up the street to see if help was needed setting up an event we were going to. Took 10-15 minutes to get there, but took me 45 minutes to walk back because my knee kept locking up. Get the surgery, and don't put it off.
thank you both, im more just nervous of surgery and just waiting for holidays to be over before getting it going. I like to get done sometime in winter. cause ill drive myself missing it too much. I guess this was loose couple years ago but i was ok