1. Coop1924

    For Sale Smash Ops Roller Bat Bag (Charcoal)

    Downsizing equipment so no longer need a bag of this size. Good condition with minor wear and tear. Back has some rubbing due to sliding in and out of truck. Asking $120 or OBO and I will pay shipping to lower 48 states. Accept PayPal Friends and Family or you can pay fee for the other option...
  2. B

    Non roller bat bag

    I'm looking for a new bat bag .Back pack is getting a little tight. I'm not a fan of rollers tho. Any suggestions on a good non roller duffle bag style bag? Has to hold at least 6 bats too
  3. B

    Roller bags

    I'm starting to run out of room in my special ops back pack so I'm thinking a roller is the next step. I like what I've seen with the special ops rollers but I can't bring myself to spend $200 on a bag. Any cheaper suggestions? I saw the boombah beast is only $90. Any one use this before? I'd...