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I'm starting to run out of room in my special ops back pack so I'm thinking a roller is the next step. I like what I've seen with the special ops rollers but I can't bring myself to spend $200 on a bag. Any cheaper suggestions? I saw the boombah beast is only $90. Any one use this before? I'd prefer a bag that stands on its own. Thanks in advance


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Honestly i found a Cheap Louisville Roller bag and it was 35 Brand New i fit crap ton of bats, 3 gloves, balls drinks, Wind breaker, cleats and wheels are those little luggage wheels. Amazon lol

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the beast bag will not stand up on it own, you need to use the hooks to hang it to the fence. The good thing about the beast bag is the color selection and the price.


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Get the Combat pro event roller, they can be had for around $150 and its basically like the special ops.

The Grit is also another good option at around $160, but not a lot of outside pockets.


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I have had multiple cheaper roller bags. Get the special ops roller and you won't be disappointed. Besides that, I had an Easton roller bag that had tons of room and lasted 3 seasons and only cost $80.


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Also fits all my **** lol i got 10 bats 3 gloves 1 pair of cleats 1 pair of trainers 3 gatorades and usually jacket but its Cali no need


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how is the 2018 LS z you got from gssports demo bats sale? Didn't you get the NB bat as well?
I liked both alot but i got the KTR i scored a NB on the Forums, hoping to find another NB soon. They will be in action at the tourney in Tulare in a weef or so


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how many bats do you typical swing during a tourney? lol Don't you have like 10+ bats? lol
Well i play asa, nsa, and utrip and yeah i got a bunch my teammate wants my NB for his utrip insane. I swing about 3 a tourney start 27 end on 26. Always selling bats too