2019 Ad Softball Tournament City Tentatively Announced


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This is an annual tourney where:
- You are GUARANTEED 12 games
- Play all levels of competition
- Coed and Mens One pitch Tourneys
- Play Ball by Day - PARTY by Night
- All Players stay in resort accommodations.

Still reading?

If you...
1. Love playing softball (And not a douche about playing)
2. Like meeting new people (Teams from the US, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom come to play)
3. Like visiting different cities
4. Want a vacation in the process
5. Want to play in a tournament where single or double elimination is not a concern

Then consider the ASWS.

It happens once a year (Around the end of Sept/Beg of Oct time period) and is usually a Sunday - Thursday.
We just wrapped up in Orlando last week and the founder has released the tentative 2019 location of Albuquerque, NM.

This tourney is a VACATION so its not the $25 you give someone for your team fee. Its buffet style dinners, resort style accommodations, mystery location parties, 12 games on beautiful fields, ASA play, beer gardens, gifts, prizes and adult fun.

If you are interested, see the link below or hit me up for more. I'm sharing early because players/teams need time to recruit, save money, fund raise, etc, but I can honestly tell you, I have gone 'on vacation' with this tourney the last 7 years and have absolutely enjoyed each year.

Check it out.



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Albuquerque NM is super high elevation and the weather that late in the year is unfavorable to beer by the pool.

And, perhaps it's naive to think people will want to pay that much to go to one of the poorest regions of the entire country with the best hotels being in Santa Fe, two hours away.

Tell your organization to go somewhere appealing to the demographic.


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Thanks ShortYB

The guy who puts this on has done so for 36 years straight in places that I was thinking "Why there?" and each year, I have gone, it has been an awesome trip. He travels to the host city for best rates, things to do, places to eat, party etc throughout the year so while I totally get your point, all I can do is pass your feedback on to him. At the same time, its a tentative location. He hasnt signed the contracts yet to secure it, but is close.

My main point is to introduce the tourney to share in this great softball vacation. I dont get any commissions, kickbacks, etc from this. I pay full fee just like everyone else. I just think its a cool tourney to experience.


Thanks ShortYB

The guy who puts this on has done so for 36 years straight in places that I was thinking "Why there?" and each year, I have gone, it has been an awesome trip.

Just looked at the website, 2017 was Myrtle Beach and 2018 was Orlando - both popular tourist destinations. Meanwhile, the best part of Albuquerque is the Albuquerque Isotopes.


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Im sure he is looking at all that. Again, its more so to introduce the tourney to folks. Thanks for checking out the website!


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Something tells me that once you get there you’ll be disappointed to find out that this is all an eloborate scheme to sell timeshares, or maybe it’s a recruiting rally for Scientology. Either way I’m out.