For Sale 28oz 13 AM - let me know


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unsure about # of hits...all solid. no receipts. the 13AM is marked NR. sale only.

SOLD 27oz Viper - $220 shipped SOLD
SOLD 26oz Diablo - $175 shipped SOLD

28oz 13AM - $175 shipped

no trades.

paypal as friends and family only. my albums are maxed out...additional pics available on request :/...

thank you for looking.

did I mention...NO TRADES?



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That Viper sure is purdy and tempting...I will resist though lol. One of these days I'll snag one of your sticks. Maybe when one of your precious Nitrous's hit the chopping block ;)


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Playing 3 games today - first $5 offer on this tonight at the park gets it. I'm not holding my breath.

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Lol! Somebody's about to get a great bat with my name on it!! :D