31 (-10) 2022 LXT, Ghost ADV, and 2021 Ghost


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3 Bats for sale. All 31/21. Willing to discuss trades for 33/23 in similar condition.

Can text/email additional photos. File size limits are making it tough to post all the pics here.

2022 LXT - never used in games. Tee, soft toss, and front toss. Daughter liked her ghost and moved up in size a couple weeks after we got this one. Warranty started July 2022 so still a few months left. This bat is in excellent condition. $300

Ghost Advanced - was my daughters game bat for a year or so. Some minor cracking like lots of other ghosts. Made it through USA softball and pgf inspections like this last summer and fall. Pics attached. Can text or email pics/videos if you want. $150

2021 Ghost - mostly used in practice, the adv above was her gamer. Small loose piece inside that rattles unfortunately. No cracks and the barrel is in better condition than her gamer. Great bat if no pre-game inspections. $150D857E2E6-E40B-4ED7-889F-21C36D112C8A.jpeg68A6FD22-91F6-4832-B795-4FA8C911710C.jpeg2063804F-5419-4D74-9DD1-C725C128B868.jpegB0DC90F1-A4F1-4FF0-9628-589216116556.jpegF837F0DC-A715-4C36-B4B2-46800D66F4DC.jpegEA58E11B-4729-47F4-A976-9A48BC42F07A.jpeg