For Sale 33" Demarini cf3's, cf4's, cf5's ....


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Thinning down the arsenal! Here are some nice 33" that I have available. No cracks, rattles, or end cap issues. All prices include Priority mail shipping with DC and insurance. I have excellent feedback, so no worries. Thanks in advance!

33/21 c6 Vendetta $90 *SOLD!!!
33/23 cf3 black (webbed up nicely) $130 *SOLD!!!
33/24 cf3 black (couple of chips) $120
33/24 cf4st (has wear, still solid) $80 *SOLD!!!
33/23 cf4 black (very nice) $120 *SOLD!!!
33/24 cf4 black (no return) $80 *SOLD!!!
33/24 cf4 black (nice stick) $110
33/23 cf4 hope (great shape) $120 *SOLD!!!
33.5/25 cf5 tr3 (low hits) $110
33/23 cf5 tr3 (very clean) $125 *SOLD!!!
33/23 cf5 insane (no return) $110 *SOLD!!!

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