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Looking to buy a new glove and after days of research my head is spinning! I’m a former college baseball player and transitioned to slowpitch two years ago. Been a middle infielder my whole life and have used an 11.5 inch A3000. I played with it past two softball seasons and played well by I know it’s too small.

I’ve narrowed m search down to Rawlings Heart of the Hide but could use guidance on model and series. Thinking 12.25-12.5.

I play SS and will be there for the next 10+ seasons.

Thank you, all!


I’m a fan of my 504. The one downside is it is a wide glove, so it’s not for someone with smaller hands. If I go for another in the future, I’d be looking at an NP7 to try something a little different.


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Rawlings KB17 maybe, or really an NP series but you'd likely have to go custom. Since you're coming from Wilson, have you looked at a 1781?

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