Anderson Huers General Discussion: The Sequel


It's all in the reflexes
If the whole Nanotech concept was actually that much better other companies would have employed and improved the tech by now.
Wasn’t it patented?

also, if you ask around metal leagues, 99% of the people get hard over a DeMarini Steel, but nobody else makes a bat made out of steel?

Bobby Buggs

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Thats because no one really cares about the metal softball bat market. All you will get is a $50 piece of fence poll now. Do you Really know that barrel is actually steel?


It's all in the reflexes
Nope, I don’t know for sure. But it’s certainly heavier metal than the aluminum bats and makes a different sound.

I wish they made a doublewall steel.


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saw a raw steel on Craig's list that was listed as being rusty, couldn't really tell by the pix