best bat for 44/375 balls when you can use any bat


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Hey All,

I play in a couple leagues and 1 league is using the 44/375 ball. they have no limit as to what bat I can use. So one of my questions is what type of bat would be the hottest for this ball, ASA bat? USSSA bat?

I am a power hitter and was looking at picking up the usssa DC-41 and 1 other bat (balanced) to swing for all my leagues but not sure how it would handle this league using the 44/375 ball?

any advice/suggestions would be great.


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An old stamp utrip bat from Miken or Worth will be hot and durable with 44/375's. Others had good and bad years, not worth sifting through IMO.


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I'd steer clear of ASA bats, they won't hold up long with that ball. Your DC41 would be lights out, but it will have a shortened lifespan as well. I'd pick up a cheap USSSA Easton or Mizuno for the .44 league. The SBF store has last year's Eastons for $89.99 and Mizuno Mambas for $69.99, either the Baker or Mamba would be a durable option that'll still perform. Like Chrome said, old-stamp Mikens/Worths are tanks. Old Eastons are pretty much unbreakable too, but some models were great and some were duds.


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i know guys beating the crap out of new ESTs with 44/375s...not sure how different the DC41 is. if you're the only swinging it, that would be a good thing...i wouldn't feel comfortable doing it but its being done.


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senior bats. can be had cheap and are hot as crap. can you find launch 510's anymore? those were my senior bat of choice.


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It is like night and day. I would say maybe a good 25' better depending on the batter and the ball.


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^MarlSrSoftball is right. A Senior bat has similar wall thickness as a shaved regular bat, that's why they don't come with warranty. I hit 25' to 30' further with a senior bat, and more consistently too. Doesn't matter if its 52's, 44's or BP Rockets. Senior bats hit everything well. The problem with using senior bats is that it makes you lazy, because the bat does most of the work. When I switch back to an ASA bat, I'm thinking "WTF is wrong with my swing?" and have to pay more attention to proper mechanics.

There are lots of leftover senior bats available for cheap right now, especially from Combat. Even a crappy senior bat is as good or better than a good ASA/USSSA one.


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How you noobs keep dredging up these ancient f***ing threads is beyond me. Please stop it.