Coming home to Michigan - Options for old man soft ball?


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Ok everyone, I'm glad to be returning home to Michigan after 25 years in California. I'm setting up home base in the Gaylord / Greyling area.

I'm a bit concerned because I can't seem to find any old mens leagues. I've been spoiled out here in California (Fresno area) as we have had a very active seniors league for 30 years. We have 4 divisions 50s, 58's, 63's & 68's. all total about 30 teams - 350 players or so. plus we have alot of those guys on travel teams playing tournaments. we play a spring and a fall league, so you play 9 months out of the year if you want.

I'm hoping to continue playing in Michigan (I'm 67, but still a competent player) but I'm not finding any opportunities. anyone have any ideas/ information?