Danville Summer Bash for Cash $1000 for both divisions.


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August 22nd and 23rd

This will be the start of Danville Fun Days for years to come. Huge kid park with splash and play area to keep yourself and the kids cool, two 300' lighted fields, bathrooms, and plenty of parking!! This will be a Men's and Coed double elimination 3gg style format. Also, we will try and run corn hole tournament and mud volleyball.
Men's Gold and Lower
Entry Fee: $200
Payouts: $1000 for 1st $200 for 2nd (10 Team Minimum) will bump up second and add 3rd if more teams.
Double Elimination
NSA Rules
Paid Umps
USSSA NSA ASA New Stamp Bats
Byo 44/400 or lower NSA or ASA only yellow optic ball. No multi layered
4 and 1 up on homeruns*


1. Ballz Deep
2. Mound Pounders
3. Redrum
4. Ingrum Waste Disposal
5. Stone Seed
6. BNK
7. Go Big Or Go Home
8. Outlaws

Coed*5 and 5
Everything same as Men's except use women's ball also and homeruns for men's 1 and 1 up/women unlimited

1. Ballz Deep
2. Cauc-ASIAN
3. Danville Lineoff
4. Good Vibe Tribe
5. Where My Pitches At?
6. Legal Limit
7. Redrum
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