Declaring a tourny winner - what would you do?

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Smaller local corporate tournament where the winner moves on to a bigger tournament. Nothing big here, but the players are competitive and passionate. The visiting team is up 12 to 8 in the top of the 7th with one out and their best hitters coming up. A big storm comes through and the game has to be called to be resumed next week. Next week comes and another big storm hits. Then the week after that even more rain and the game still can't be played! So for this coming weekend both teams confirm they have too many players out of town and it won't be able to be completed for a 4th week. Teams and rosters need to be filled out asap for the bigger corporate challenge, so I was wondering how many more chances would you give this game before you just reverted back to the last completed inning? Is it fair to cut the last at bat from the home team?

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Games called after 4th inning its over. Whomever was ahead wins.


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Why do some of you think that the game should go back to the completion of the 4th inning?? Afterall they did play the entire 5th and 6th inning.... So wouldn't they just go back to the end of the 6th inning and declare the game over at that point?? Why the 4th inning??


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I don't think they are saying it should revert back to the 4th inning. They are saying it's an official game after 4 innings are completed. So yes the score should revert to last completed inning which is the 6th. Don't know if that affects the outcome any, since the OP didn't say when the runs were scored.


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Are you telling me that they were going to come back and play 5/6th of an inning?

Game would have been called as per the last full inning.


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what if it was tied then?

In our league...

If it was tied in the 6th, it goes back to the 5th...

If it was tied in the 5th, it goes back to the 4th... and so on...

If it's tied back to an inning before the 4th... we just start the game over from scratch, rather than trying to re-enact the whole scenario, gettin all the same guys there, etc, etc...


I can't believe they tried to come out to complete the end of one inning. Those teams must be pretty dedicated to come out and play for less than 20 minutes.


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Go back to the end of the 6th inning. If it was tied then, hell, coin flip? Let both teams move on like suggested? Play a new full game?