Do you guys try hard when you are subbing?


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Have to give you credit for admitting that you dogged it.....I guess. Not acceptable at all by the way.

If you respect the game and respect yourself you play 100% all the time or dont bother.

Some of the things that are acceptable in slo-pitch, and the feeling about playing leagues as compared to tournaments is really off the charts pi$$ poor.

Yeah i admit i dogged some. I played as hard as i could the first game and there wasnt much from the team showing me i wasnt on my own. I came out of that game beat up and started finding my teams more important and needed to take it easy. By that i meant not taking extra bases where i would need to slide and not diving no more. I didnt make any errors and was 2-3 with a SAC fly so wasnt bad. Just that one play stuck out and i feel kind of bad

I dont like looking bad though no matter what team it is so I try and play hard enough to not look

That was the story of game #2 for me. No errors, 2-3 with SAC fly.......ok game

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Tonight i subbed for a buddys team that hasnt won a game yet and we lost 6-1 and 13-12. The first game i made some diving plays in the OF, slid at a field that i play at alot but havent slid at all year cuz its so hard, and was 3-3. Because of all of that my pants were ripped and my arm was scratched up pretty good and bleeding, and my knee was swelling up(its bad from prior injuries and usually when i run on that hard infield or outfield it starts swelling). The second game i went in not trying as hard because of those reasons. I led off an inning with a ball in the gap and trotted to 2nd when that usually gets me 3 or an inside the parker. The next 2 guys flew out and then a groundout to end the inning so i didnt score. I kind of feel bad cuz those guys havent won yet and if i come out of the box hard i score and they are at least tied up. When you guys sub do you play all out or see it as glorified BP?

If I am asked to play I give 110% no matter what, or how bad the team is. If I am playing I want to play the best game I can play on that night, day or weekend