For Sale Easton 30" and 31" Killer bees


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Going to be parting with a few, as I can use some cash for the toy! Here are some very nice fastpitch bats. No cracks, rattles, or end cap issues! All prices include Priority mail shipping, DC, and insurance. I have excellent feedback, so no worries here. Thanks in advance!

30/20 Scn1b (awesome!) $140
30/20 srv4b (typical wear) $90 *SOLD!!!
30/21 scn5b (excellent!) $135 *SOLD!!!
30/21 scn7b (excellent!) $120
30/21 scn7b (excellent!) $120
31/21 srv4b (very nice) $110
31/21 scx24b (nice shape) $85 *SOLD!!!
31/22 srv5b (very nice) $110
31/22 scn2b (excellent!) $110

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