For Sale Fun Softball Bats


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Anarchy Crusher ASA/USA sold

Easton Steele 220 USSSA $110
Easton Fab 4 220 USSSA $110
Easton Diesel 100h 220 USSSA $110
Anarchy Diablo SC ASA/USA sold
Anarchy 22 a Day ASA/USA sold

Miken Last Call 220 USSSA sold
DeMarini Juggy ASA/USA $125
Worth Legit USA ASA/USA $115
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without a doubt. gtg all the way. only if i play asa, would love to put hands on that crusher.... just because unclemosk say so.. i have no idea about the bat lol


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Unfortunate but haven't really gotten to use any of the Hyper Core. But I do think Anarchy tweaked the Xcore last year a bit. Both the Streets and Budweiser Black, I have felt great out of the gate.

One of my teammates picked up (Hyper) this year and is loving it. But he swings wiffle to my tree trunks.


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It’s good. It’s not the “hottest bat ever” as they advertise it.

I can confidently say it’s for the guys with slower swing speeds. I’ve noticed the guys who have the inability to lift the ball are now getting faster exit speeds and more balls are landing on the grass.

It’s meant for LC balls but we use 44/375’s so that is probably the only caveat. I have three other LC anarchy bats prior to hyper core and they do well as team bats hitting the harder balls.

It’s worth a try. Like I mentioned before, the best way to determine what bat works best for your swing is to grab one and swing it.