Gimmedat Review! USA/ASA


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Good day mates!

I’m reviewing the Anarchy Gimmedat ASA version. I haven’t felt this way about many bats before, so here goes.

Ever wonder why the world spins and the blood flows through to the tip, releasing endorphins and possibly DMT through the body every time the ball hits the bat in the exact right spot? Just one after the other, until it requires a new pair of shorts and a trip to the outhouse behind third base.

The Gimmedat feels like the original Anarchy Demon. Same specs, duh! But this barrel has been coated with secreted mystery sauce at the China factory. How do I know? It’s got a bible verse on it. So it must be encumbered with some sinister lustful elements that the church won’t tell us about. I bet CNN wrote a story about it. I don’t want Cooper coming to the field, so I covered up the bible verse with a Naruto sticker.

Knob is smaller than I’m comfortable with. The original grip is covered with a sticky tennis overgrip. I don’t like super thin grips, but I gave it a chance before using the overgrip; felt just as good. The sound of the barrel hitting the ball is rather reminiscent of the original Demon. The feel is described in the first paragraph; I have to change my shorts again. That’s the good news.

The bad news: they’re pretty much sold out now. I saw “they” had a few 28oz’s left on the site, so I bought another this morning.

If you can get a good snap of the bat with a 30oz bat, this 28oz bat is for you. I’m a big guy, about 9 inches “short” of being 7ft tall with stained shorts, so the heavy bats are for me. For the “most” of the population, I will say the 26oz version swings like a 27oz black and orange DC41 from 2018. If you know. You know!

Be champions!


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don't really care for the looks but i think we have the same taste in bats...i would definitely get one of these to try out.


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At this point I'm convinced that Anarchy has the most underrated (and cheapest) bats on the market. Not so much at the moment, but 3 months ago literally all their stuff was on sale for $99. Be it USSSA or USA, their bats do some work for a great price.

With the recent Suncoast and Juno bans, Anarchy has suddenly become a very good option for USSSA.

I got 4 of their USSSA 240 bats, and they're legit.