For Trade I have a new 14.4 dewalt drill/2 batteries/charger will trade for glove


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Brand new in original box drill set. Comes with drill, 2 batteries, and charger. Newer version. 14.4 dewalt.

I have two many drills, and figured I'd turn this into a glove? No clue if this thread will work, and please tell me if this breaks any rules.


I'm guessing the drill has $200 trade value.

Looking for either one $200-$400 type glove (I would add money if needed), or

3 $60 - $125 type gloves that 12y kids could use.
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I have 2 11.75 easton kips, and a Miken eps 11.75. Great gloves for kids. Probably to good! Lmk. Pm please.