Interesting co-ed situation


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Had a game today, lineup was F-M-F-M-F-M-F-M-F-M-F.
One of the F was listed as an extra hitter. The 2nd F (3rd overall) was injured in the field during the 4th inning. We asked, and umpires allowed the last F in the lineup to move to the injured players batting slot, as it continued our alternating lineup and kept us from taking an out in the batting slot of the injured player. We went with it because umps allowed it but admittedly (and secretly) I believe they're wrong. Anyone have any experience with this or know the rule for certain?


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Speaking Utrip National rules, the correct thing would be to take out the guy batting after the player that had to leave the game and both are outs. However the lineup as given is not legal. By national rules, you can't have a batting order of 11. Legal options are 9,10 or 12.