Is a Ultra II legal for USSSA Play ??


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Good Evening,

I would like your feedback as we played a championship game this evening and the other team was found to be using an Mike Ultra II, the Ultra II they carried had the 2000 & 2004 ASA certification stamp. As a pitcher, my biggest concern is my safety, as a season Ultra II bat can produce serious velocity, and could cause a major injury to a player/pitcher. I have looked for an approved USSSA bat list, and cant find anything, and the Ultra II does not carry the required USSSA certification mark.....therefore is it legal for USSSA play?

I know there is no issue with using an ASA bat for USSSA play, but since the Ultra II is banned for ASA play regardless of certification stamps, and since the bat does not carry a USSSA stamp, where does it fall?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated



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Asa bats are not legal for usssa play unless they have both stamps. So basically an asa flipper can’t be used in usssa..


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Updated follow up:

Lots of discussion, thanks for all the information. Here is the update: I have spoken with both the regional director of the USSSA, and he has provided in writing that the bat was not sanctioned for USSSA play. I also was able to provide a copy of the ASA banned bat list, with a email from one of the directors of ASA that the bat was not approved for ASA play as well. Third, after a great deal of discussion, I was able to get Miken to provide an email stating that they never produced a Miken Ultra II bat with two ASA stamps. They did state that one time the original Miken Ultra II carried a 2000 ASA stamp, but when the ASA went to the new 2004 ASA stamp, the bat did not pass the bat speed test, thus no 2004 ASA stamp. They also confirmed that if the bat used carried two ASA stamps (2000 & 2004) then it was highly likely that the bat had been modified. All of this information was sent to our team captain, who then presented it to the league director. The director is currently deciding on the next course of action. Many thanks to the folks at ASA, USSSA, and Miken for helping to address this topic, as the issue of safety was the biggest priority here, it is senseless from someone to get hurt from an illegal/altered bat.


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AUsoftball: great job in doing all that research. Must have been very time consuming. I know that getting written replies from some sources can be taxing. Thank you for the clarifications