Looking for Players in OC, SoCal Area

Straight Back is the Team. Maybe you've heard of us, maybe you haven't. Some refer to us as the Space Jam/Laser Beam Café B-team. We play mostly ASA E's & PSTS in the SoCal Area. We lost 3-4 players at the beginning of this year and have been scrounging to find the right mix to dudes to get us through the rest of this year and beyond. We usually play @ least twice a month. We're looking for some peeps to lock in for ASA Nationals in Roseville(8/31-9/3). We plan on playing ASA Aug. 4/5 & the 18th, with some PSTS mixed in.
Would prefer OFers, but we do have secret plans of building an all 1B/P/C/3B team.
Looking for Non-rated players only. Hit me up for more deets if you're interested.


New Member
I live in OC and play twice a week currently. Not a HR hitter, but i'm very fast and can play pretty much anywhere. Typically play 3B/OF, but you can plug me in anywhere if you need a body. I know i missed the cut for the tourneys mentioned, but if you need a body in the future let me know!