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here you go trip, you might have a chance to make a putt



i've wanted to try that.. they've done it at my course before, usually just a once a month thing going back a couple years, never got to try it out though. i see the basketball size hole cuts all over the place.

i putt well on those ****ty greens. it hasn't been terrible this year actually. think i've only 3 jacked one hole that i can remember. approach game is a bit better this year


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IDGAF what we do. Bonnie has a party or something for Becky. I'm just tagging along so i can hang out with ya

I'm sure we could go golfing if we don't have the kids. If we do have the kids there is a pretty nice water park not too far from my house we could take them to.


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i can't read the labels on half of them, i see glenlivet 18.. that's a $90 bottle

i think that macallan is just the macallan gold. only 30-35 bucks, same with that glenmorangie in the yellow box.

but there's like $1500 worth of cubans in front of it all

The ones I can read from left:

Talisker 10
Bruichladdich Laddie 10
Glenmorangie (not sure which type though)
Bain's (not familiar with this at all)
Jura Superstition
Macallan Gold
Ardbeg - I think this one:
Lagavulin 16 (the same as I recently bought)
Dalwhinnie 15
Glenlivet 18
Bowmore 12
Glenmorangie (I think 10)
Cardhu 15
Balvenie 14
Oban 14
Laphroaig Quarter Cask
Can't quite tell the next one
Next one is a BenRiach but not sure what type
Highland Park 12

For prices you can't go by what's on the masterofmalt site. We end up paying substantially more. For instance, that Lagavulin is $70 on the site, we have to pay closer to $120.


wtf? do you get taxed that much?

i can buy a bottle of crown for $18, compared to $42 or something crazy in washington


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In Ontario we can only buy from the LCBO and yes, they slap pretty hefty taxes onto stuff but it doesn't seem to be proportional. They want $65 for the Macallan Gold, $110 for the Glenlivet 18 and the Lagavulin 16 was $118.

Standard bottle of Crown Royal is $41.


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You should move to Merica. We don't have free healthcare, but we can pretty much nuke the **** out of anyone whenever we feel like it.


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My health ins covers 100% and I probably pay less monthly than ssf does in his taxes


i get three options; toad, jimmy, and battletoad

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it takes two days for me to send something across town. mail processing center is like six hours away.

inefficiency at its finest