ND Softball: Drain the Swamp Thread


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Entry form for the Busch Light Fargo Classic in Fargo June 10-12.


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Is Gulmon still telling teams not to sign up?
Are Bismarck teams still too scared to play Tharaldson? (Besides Kinni *edit: Dvorak pulled out, but at least he tried, lol) Trust me, I agree that it's in the best interest of the tourney for Tharaldson not to be in it (unless they can get 4 or 5 more open teams) but it's clear the board isn't going to make that call so we have to deal with it. You sign up for Fargo tourneys and we'll start coming to Bismarck. 😉 #BigcatforFargosoftballboard2022 #MakeNDsoftballgreatagain
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Then I guess we'll have to pay the "Biden $4.50 a gallon Special" to drive down south next weekend and lay the smack down on candy asses at the Busch Light Fargo Classic!

Fargo, prepare that ass for the Grand Forks Invasion! C,D,Rec 1, Rec 2, Rec 3...We coming!

Specifically, what team for the "d" just asking from mn when we come up


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After seeing @mnballer roll up:

Sounds like we have a full team , so you can find me at the northern all wknd


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Bismarck Teams? Where are the Fargo Teams BigCat?
There are three and a half (You guys are the half). MMB is the only Fargo team not playing in it, eventhough half their team IS playing in it, which doesn't make it much of a boycott 😉. So anyways, yes, Bismarck teams. See you this weekend buddy. Thartland Killer out 🤣🤣 jk


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Well that is good to hear. I had typed out about 3 difference responses to you but it doesn't really matter.

See you out there.


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There are three and a half (You guys are the half). MMB is the only Fargo team not playing in it, eventhough half their team IS playing in it, which doesn't make it much of a boycott 😉. So anyways, yes, Bismarck teams. See you this weekend buddy. Thartland Killer out 🤣🤣 jk

Just to be clear, there is only one C team left in Bismarck -- Dvorak.

Eide and Custer Flats both play in Mandan now.

Even if you include all three of us, it's not like it used to be.

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Well this has been an anticlimactic thread eh?
Is C ball still cool anymore? There’s like 4 teams in the state…. Do we see any D teams get the bump? Aftermath won Mcquades followed by 2 Bismarck teams 2nd and 3rd. All I’m saying is we gotta figure out something to make C ball great again!
Seasons about done. Congrats to everyone who did a thing this year.

C was competitive, at least during state, so that’s a change. Lots of surprises in that one.

D I feel like there were a few teams that stood out big time, mainly ones with guys that played c in years passed. Aftermath, tap in, uno, these guys rolled.

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January right around the corner kids!!! You know what that means?! Softball rumors gonna be flying! Curious to see what ones are real. MMB/The Box merger? Rumors out west is Dvorak no more. Eide infiltrated and blew them right up.

Heard there was a new team mixed up of ND guys and SD guys wanted to make a run. Who will be the new kings and queens or the C division?

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RMI gonna Run the table big boy! Everybody knows Grand Forks has become the Mecca of Slowpitch Softball..

With Ball around the corner ...I think it's time to really start preparing mentally for the 2023 season.

Not sure about the mecca, seeing as MMB hit em with that double dip ice cream cone!! Heard The a box doesn’t even wanna play ND tournaments next year

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2022 C State Final Results:

2022 McQuades Final results:

@Ray Finkle give us a good breakdown and prediction for the 2023 C Division.

Who do you got as the Top 5 Favorites and who do you have sandbagging down to D?
Honestly tough to say. Teams will look so different in ‘23. Is the box gonna be around? Hearing they only wanna play MN tournaments except Mcquades. If so, do we count them? Not sure if I do.

1. MMB
2. RMI
3. Titan
4. Smith Motors
5. Eide

Not too sure about the D. Not as familiar with them


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Alright folks, I know you've been anxiously awaiting my return to the board. With the Box breaking up, it really changes things in C. Well here it is, my 2023 Class C team rankings:

5) Custer Flats: they're a streaky team that, after years of sandbagging in D, finally moved up to C and had some good runs. Not sure who they've added but they should be good.

4) Smith Motors: I'm a bit biased here as it's my team but a good young team with a lot of upgrades. On paper, should be able to hang with just about anyone in the state. Time will tell.

3) RMI: The most confusing and streaky team in ND. They either win it all or go 0-fer. Regardless they don't strike fear in anybody but are still a solid team.

2) Eide: Honestly, who the hell knows with these guys. They were incredibly average last year, but with the addition of some of the younger Dvorak guys, they should be back towards the top of Class C softball. In ND.

1) MMB: With the addition of Jake Olson and Kooz from the now defunct box team, class C is theirs to lose. After winning C state last year (in the most boring state championship games I've ever watched) and finishing top 5 at nationals, they've shown they're the best C team in the state and should be able to win it again this year.

..and of course Thartland is still the best team in the state.

Good luck to everyone this year, hopefully we actually get to play some tournaments before June this year.