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I purchased this a while back to use as a back up while my Mizuno was getting overhauled. I don’t know much about Vinci’s so any info would be greatly appreciated, model number or value. 12.5” and says Benjamin Vinci on the pinky.





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12.5 inch with an I-Web?

It looks to be a OC Series glove made from a 5.5 oz. steer hide leather. It doesn't look to be a standard issue model, hence the no model # on it. It could be a custom or a limited run or a one off "exclusive". My bet is on the latter. It's very reminiscent of a PCi125 but I don't think that it is one That model has dual welting on the thumb & I can't tell for sure from the pics if your glove also has it.

Based on the condition indicated by the pics, I'd say $50 with a +/-$10 on it.