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Revolt came in. Grey with dark charcoal scheme. 29 oz endloaded and feels every part of it. Will try to get some t work in to compare against a gamer and some others. Heatwave here in Jersey so maybe later tonight will update how it felt for me
Much appreciated. Crossing fingers but not holding breath..


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Point System with HR over 3pts, hitting fence 2pts and 1 hoppers to fence 1pt.
Revolt : 8pts
BattlG: 7pts
DB44: 3pts
Ares: 3pts
Ambsh: 2pts
TPZ : 2 pts
Patriot: 1pt

Honestly wasn't expecting much but the Combat Revolt delivered the goods. Granted only 52s were hit and it's a 29oz. However it bested all the bats I swung with 5 balls each.

After took a swing off against the BattleGround with another 2 balls each. Both hit 1 over with the Battleground landing around 330 but the Revolt wasn't far behind.

Also took short videos. Some hits you can distinctly hear the ball off the bat. Probably not best quality but something to share.

Knob on bat is exactly like the Easton Patriots. As you can see in photos of bat, the Combat is Easton Brand or Rawlings or whatever. The barrel reminds me of the KP though so maybe a Mashup of their line.

Have Coed Finals tomorrow will swing this against some Classic M's.

Would wait for other reviews to gauge since all have different swings, age variable (52 going on 53 here) and weights of the bat.

But again this proved to better than I thought it would.


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Took another 5 cuts with other bats.

Anarchy 22Day
DNA Legacy

Stiff wind blowing in but managed to hit one out with the Revolt, 22 A Day and Legacy.

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Will update after my live cuts today. Just need to swing @ good pitches.