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It's a legit HOTW Sr. Bat. I had no other option since I swing heavier Sr. bats. But yesterday I got to swing a 25.5 oz one-piece model still in the wrapper. The balls were jumping off it, the Temp was about 65 degrees, between 3 guys we put about 50 hits collectively to test it out. I may get one. Carlos at Elite Sports told me yesterday, he will not have any until January. I will say this, please practice with good condition low Comp Softballs...


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hit a 26 oz 1 piece 12" el with 52/300 balls and we where hitting balls well over the fence on a 300' field. The bat had about 225 swings on it. Very impressive bat to say the least. I was able to hit it about 40 times and I put it right up there with all my Suncoast bats that I own.
I will be ordering 2 -12" 1 piece bats and 1-13" 1 piece - these are the real deal guys. I can't wait to hit an actual sr ball with these bats.
I'm hearing the durability is fantastic as well.


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I totally agree how good these bats perform if the durability holds up it's definitely a winner...saving mine for warm weather remember not many seniors hold up in cooler weather.


Took my 27.5 oz. 13inch 2piece out today. Put 40 bp swings on it. Started opening up for me at 30 swings. I like this bat and the endload.


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Cannot emphasize this enough- DO NOT hit your bats in the cold. The bats and balls when cold and wet will totally break your bats. Get an old Easton or something but your expensive senior bats will break.

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People need to be careful with different brands of "Senior" balls. I have found some stamped 44-375 and they tested 41- 500 compression.


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I have a 26 oz. 13" one piece, and have put around 100-150 cuts on it.
It does swing a bit heavy, but the performance it awesome.
one of the best senior bats i have used.


Around 200 swings on my 13 1/2inch 2 piece. and it's opening up well in pop and distance. No spider webs yet. Turned 73 in Dec. and hit one over the 325 fence. I like the onyx. Update. I have a little over 300 bp swings it's game ready. At my size and age it hits as well as the Suncoast. Dave V. and his guys are much bigger and younger than me so they get much more distance.
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I swing an Adidas Melee 27 ounce end load. Do these bat swing light or heavy? Thinking about purchasing a 13 inch ,one piece 26.5 or 27.5 with 0.75-ounce end load. Thanks


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they swing heavy - balance point is about an inch further out than a 12 in EL Melee 3 - knob weight is at least an ounce lighter in my comparison


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Carlos and the folks at Onyx stress that this bat should be bp'ed with 52 cor balls only. What is happening with these bat prices $225+ for no return bats is insane