Pure still good?


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I wing the Meltron and love it. Just released a stiffer handled version (red handle) I game the Meltron and my mutant purple haze. Swings true to weight. The Aloha is just a mass produced "custom" paint. Otherwise it's still an integrity


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I owned a Fuzion. It's a beast to break in, you'll be looking 3-400 hits on hard balls to break it in. I liked mine but seasons to short to break it in here. I got it to about 250 and it opened up a bit but needed work. The Fuzion has the FIB inside so it maintains compression longer.


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If anyone is looking for some 26oz pures I have a couple that I'm not going to be swinging. Just let me know.


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16 months later update- I scooped up another endloaded Integrity. 100+ swings in 45-50ish weather with Classic M’s. The first 10 swings they all sound like glass shattering and the paint still sucks but I’m keeping this one. They seem to run a .5-.75oz to the heavy side of the stamped weight. I just wish you could swing them in Freedom tourneys :(