Question about glove size 12U


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My daughter is 12, 5'5" and has what I'd consider avg size hands for her height. She plays 3B and SS when she is not pitching. Someone local has a 13" Mizuno MVP 1308P that is pretty much new for $30. It seemed like a good deal but 13" seems pretty big to me but I'm more used to baseball glove sizing. Would a 13" glove be reasonable for someone her size/age? Thanks


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No! A 13” glove is way to big for infield! I do like a little larger glove for a pitcher for more protection. 12” is a great size for 3B, SS, and in the circle. A couple of gloves to look at, but will definitely cost you more than $30.00:rolleyes:

Vinci BV1929-L, listed at 12.5”, actually measures 12.25”, small/snug hand stall.
Don Morton Rawlings Pro1000-HC, expensive but a killer glove, taken care of it will last for years!
Rawlings Pro206, there’s several models. The Pro206-9jB with its 2pc. web would make a great 12” pitchers glove. My DD uses a Pro206-6CB, she loves it.

And BTW, all of those are baseball gloves......NO VELCRO!!


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Yeah, was pretty much what I had figured. Only considered it because of the price but a good deal is only a good deal if it fits your needs. Thanks for the recommendations.