Rain, Rain Go Away


Softball is Dumb
Jordan Spieth may want to just hit an iron off the tee the rest of the day. He's spraying his Driver and 3W everywhere


Monday at 630 and 745 apparently. I had one hit in two games this past Monday, so i'm with stout...I shouldn't be allowed to swing a bat on Mondays (or weekends) anymore. I'm much better on Wednesdays.
So I may try to come out of retirement for this one... I'll have to bribe the wife for this one.. Maybe I'll sell a bat that I don't use, give her that money and that should buy me one night of doubleheaders?


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That's true. How'd you get them so cheap? They're normally $10ish

I forgot where bargain/salvage store I'm a sucker for those places but always find cool stuff for next to nothing

On another note bought a $2 scrarch off and won $50 must be my lucky day


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So what you're saying is...you don't play much..or..ever.
That, and I'm not falling into the same equipment trap i did with softball. A good carpenter never blames his hammer and one like me might as well use an old shoe.


it was some PGA event, like the nationwide tour, I think..and he put his approach on 18 to like 12 feet and drained it. if I had that left for 58, I wouldn't be able to have felt the putter in my hands


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My buddy got to go to Top Golf the other day for a pre-opening thing. His wife is an assistant pro somewhere. She is fking GOOD. He said it was better than expected (granted there wasn't 5,000,000 people there like there will be for the next 2 months or so).


Softball is Dumb
I'll go to Top Golf as a social outing...not for golf.

It's not even really designed to be a driving range. Which is fine.