Rain, Rain Go Away


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Hey gays. Checkin in. Hope your softball seasons are going well. Herts, don't let them damn kids mess on your fit. Stout, learn the strike zone. Might do a couple paper roster RR tournies this year just because. Hope to see some of ya. Later.


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still drawing an ever so faint breath

have not played a game this year that has had a fence in the OF

it's almost september

i has the sads


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E world has 25 teams and we have to start at 3 pm on Friday. I wish usa would make a come back around here. This is beyond ridiculous.


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Are you starting an asa team or responding to my critique of worlds? I'd play asa whenever, but I don't think you should start at 3 on Friday for a 25 team tournament that has it's championship game on Sunday. They moved the major to Berliner and that spread us out. I wouldn't have minded 8 at night Friday, but I had to take off work and we had some guys that couldn't.

I know you can't make everyone happy, but they don't seem to be trying to do what is consider fair or consistent. If they're making the decision that is best for their wallet on a week by week basis that's fine and they're right, but be honest about it. Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.