Rawlings BLACKHORSE Date Codes ?


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BLACKHORSE date codes were first used 1984-1997, I believe. They were 5 digits; 3 letters for the date and 2 numbers for leather tanner.
1st letter is the year and next 2 are the month. Y/MM

The second usage of BLACKHORSE started in 2003 and is 4 letters.
My question: are the letters interpreted MM/YY or YY/MM??
Keymancollectable says YY/MM but old posts on vintagebaseballgloveforum indicate it's actually month first then year MM/YY

I just picked up a nice PRO-TB24 with date code BEEH (1006)
Is it 2010 June or is it Oct 2006??

B 1
L 2
A 3
C 4
K 5
H 6
O 7
R 8
S 9
E 0