Single wall options

Starting in a new single wall league and got rid of my steel a few years ago. Is there anything new that can compete with the steels because I'm not ready to pay the outrageous prices quite yet.

I know there's some good older options but mainly looking for something that can easily be tracked down. Thanks for any help.

Update: using 40/275 or 44/375. Depends on what the ump has that given day.
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Unfortunately not many that are readily available perform like the ws, the most readily available are Anderson flex, Easton ronin.. I personally have had very good results with my ultimate weapon which was readily available but it seem demarini has gone away from it, at least I haven't seen them advertise a new version lately


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You can track down any single wall you want.
I recommend the Carl Rose C405 models or Ritch's Superior(probably expensive), but there are lots of Old Skool bats out there. Imo, the older single walls are better than today's bats.
But that's just my opinion.


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I second the Worth C405 Supercells or Supercell 2s, Carl Rose or any of the other versions. They all have a nice endload. I can fix you up with one if you want 28 or 30oz. For the way I hit, they're as good as most anything else.
I also have a couple old TPS bats, but they aren't the Ritch's Superior, which is likely very hard to find. I think the ones I have are 30-32 oz.
Thanks everyone for the input. Looks like the ritchs superior are just as pricey as steels so I would probably just get a steel at that point.

As far as the supercells, will the supercells be able to compete with the steels or are the steels at the top and nothing else really can keep up?


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How is the ronin or the flex for those that have used them, my steel end cap cracked tonight, not paying 400 new/eBay and will wait for the 22, which I heard June or July for arrival date, by my local richards has the ronin cheap and I need a singlewall, no handle restrictions for us, but 2004 and up asa usa stamp, and we use the worth hot dot 52, I know the steels work best performance wise for me, and I’ve swung an ultimate weapon and Anderson pyrotechs which were no where close to the steels, just hoping one of these can be decent and a step above the ua and pyrotechs and not waste my money, Tia
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Not sure where you're shopping for Steel's but $400 is unheard of.
Carl Rose Worth's or Powerdomes are easily attainable.

Upon further review...Steels have gone the route of the old Easton Extended and Flex. Way over priced. Amazing what some people will pay for
a bat that isn't great, in the grand scheme of things(well, unless you only have single wall leagues in your area, then maybe $200 for a Steel isn't that bad.)
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The est hybrid or demarini 375 hybrids were pretty good for composite handle too. Ritchs Superior, Carl Rose, Powerdomes, Team Lighthouse supercells all really good even with mushy balls